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Cross-Over Courses as of July 1,2015: Law has changed, call us for details!

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Deneen Lee Jones  is our Cosmetologist Instructor.

She works in the salon and has a profound knowledge of in both men’s and women’s cuts, color and styling. She is passionate about education, and is well known for her professionalism and care for our students. She loves to educate a student to not only pass the board but to have a real love and aptitude in all one commits to do..

Ms. Deneen

Mr. Juan Carlos Duran  is our Barbering Instructor

Hello, my name is Mr. JC,  I have been licensed as a barber for 10 years. I have performed barber services in San Francisco at the Fellow Barber and taught classes at the Aveda Institute; I instructed class and the art of shaving at Marinello, and my newest goals at Victory Career College is to share my knowledge with my new students as well as motivate them to be the best barber they can be. I instruct students who will apply for the State Board and I teach advanced techniques as well to my senior such as students clipper cutting, shear cutting as well as razor shaving. I worked 10 years in this industry ( ie. Alberto in Hawthorne, Henry’s barber shop and the Art of Shaving in San Francisco) and I can help my student develop strong professional ethics.

jc dur

 Linda Lamb is our cosmologist substitute instructor.

 She has been a cosmetologist for 35 yrs and have been an eductor for 25yrs, teaching in the field of cosmetology and skin care technician in both English and Spanish. She has experience of international beauty shows competitions. She worked as a consultant for  Helga Van Dyke Skin Care and loves all aspect of the beauty industry. Her goal is to continue to teach , and help future and current students at VCC become successful estheticians, cosmetologists, and manicurists.

Linda Lamb Cosmetologist







Meeting of Advisory Professionals

Cosmetology is a great career choice if you enjoy helping others look their best. Once you’ve decided that you want to become a cosmetologist, you have many options for school. When you start to interview schools, you should understand what makes a cosmetology school in Los Angeles CA standout above the others in your community. The best cosmetology schools share the following characteristics.

Preparation Toward the Licensing Exam

Before choosing a cosmetology program, check their exam pass rate. It should be at least 70%, if not higher. Good beauty schools will prepare their students to take the state exam. Most licensing exams consist of both a written and a practical hands-on portion. Successful schools give their students an opportunity to take a mock exam to give them confidence when they are ready to take the license exam.


The top beauty schools don’t just teach the state’s curriculum requirements. Our cosmetology school in Los Angeles CA will help you prepare for a career in the industry by stressing professionalism and ethics. When you graduate, you should have the skills to market yourself to salons and clients. By providing multiple levels of instruction that may not be on the exam, these schools help you become job-ready.

The Student Salon

The top beauty schools don’t just provide a place for students to practice their skills. The salon will be a realistic working environment that builds repeat clientele who know they will get quality work. Many customers need the lower cost services of a student salon, but they will be loyal to the shop that treats them with the importance they deserve. Customer interaction is a vital part of learning to be a cosmetologist.


The best cosmetology schools will be accredited  such as  Victory Career College cosmetology school in Los Angeles CA by the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS), which sets high industry standards. Keep in mind that an unaccredited school may be working towards being accredited, so you shouldn’t rule it out. However, an accredited school may have federal financial aid for individuals who qualify.

Graduation Rates

When checking out schools, always ask about their graduation and placement rates. Our cosmetology school in Los Angeles CA graduation rate will tell you how successful the school is at retention. If the drop-out rate is high, it’s worth asking what is happening to the students. The placement rate is the number of graduates that find work in the industry after graduation. Good student salons won’t have problems placing their graduates in professional salons.

Community Involvement

Good beauty schools will have instructors that are active in the industry. They stay up-to-date with the newest styles and procedures. Their passion will show through their teaching. Quality instructors who have a solid reputation in the community will make excellent references when you are looking for your first job. The school itself will offer its services to the community through fashion shows or theater groups in need of the services of good stylists. These connections to local groups are vital in placing students after graduation.

When you are choosing a school, you need to put in the time to shop around and evaluate each program. Check with local salons to find out the school’s reputation. Because there are so many cosmetology schools, it pays to look for the top school in your area. Your success will depend on the training and instruction you receive. You want to attend the best school with great teachers to prepare you for an exciting career in cosmetology.