I would really like to share our experience at Victory Career College, my wife is Thai the school was very accommodating to her.
She learned so much about being a Massage Therapist and also developed a lot of confidence communicating with other students and teachers from many nationalities not just American . Also she made some life time  colleagues  and friends!
My experience as a customer of the schools clinic was great the students and staff were very professional skilled and friendly! I look forward to visiting our friends soon.  Thanks to Everyone at Victory Career College
Mike & Emorn 10/24/2014

Jeff:  My wife Dollaya had a wonderful experience as a student at Victory Career College from February thru May 2014.  She was worried that what she felt were limited English abilities on her part would prevent her from understanding the VERY detailed anatomy material.  But the staff and other students were so helpful and friendly that she was able to complete the course.  I helped her study, and let me tell you this course is serious business!  We live in the San Diego area, and chose VCC in Los Angeles after investigating all training options. Dollaya made many close friends in the staff and students. Karine, the owner, helped Dollaya with her certification application and all of the certification requirements as well (fingerprints, background check, etc.) in addition to providing the mandatory 500 hours of very detailed instruction. Dollaya received her California state certification today.  I can’t recommend Victory Career College highly enough to anyone considering Message Therapist Certification.  It is time and money well spent.
Andres : “Great school! I ‘ve learned a lot since I started study here, and I would recommend it to anyone trying to get into massage therapy”.
Yupin : “I am happy to study here and happy to know now many friends. Thank you to VCC and all my new friendships. I love you Karine!!!”.
Tan: “Thank you for everything. They taught me to be a professional massage therapist. I am the best I can be”.
Rotchaya: “Thank you Karine, instructors, and everyone. You guys are in my mind…Love you..”..
Sarunya : “Thank you so much. It was a great experience and with very kind instructors. I am so happy with my decision to attend VCC. Thank you Karine”.
Joy : “Thank you Karine and all instructors. I enjoy my days, and have had a great experience with MT classes. I love VCC!”.
YaYa : “Thank you VCC for being supportive. VCC helps me to learn and become a massage therapist. I have learned Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, sport, and pregnancy massage. Thank you so much!”.
Susan : “I love VCC so much. I have learned so much valuable things. The staff are friendly and supportive. Thanks a lot!!!!”.
Vilinda : “Thank you VCC. I am comfortable and it is joyful to study here. Classmates help each other”.
Duangsuda : “Thank you very much. I have learned more about massage techniques from this school. I am so glad that I am learning at VCC”.
Crystal : “It was a pleasure to learn from many different wonderful instructors (Randy, Yulia, Birdy, Coco, Ms. Cheryl, and Marek). Thank you Karine and Thank all of you whom helped me complete my goal with sincere advices. With love!”.
Jaye: “All I can say is AWESOME“.
Narong : “ I am so happy to study at VCC”
Nana : “Thank you to all instructors and staff”.
Bualai : “I am very happy to study here. I love everyone at VCC. Thank you to all instructors and staff”.
Suphanee : “I have learned new things. The instructors are wise. I have got a great experience at VCC, and Thank you to the director”.
Pookie : “This school is awesome. I never get lazy to come to class. This school removes my anxiety to study. People are nice and friendly here. The instructors are nice and experienced. Enjoy every moments!”.
PInky: This place is great, good instructors and good classmates !! It’s worth for your money and your future career, less expensive and flexible school !!I am a massage therapist at Burke Williams Day Spa. I graduated from this school in January 2014. I got my massage therapist license after 3 weeks of graduation. This school opened my mind and my vision, I used to work at a Thai Massage place and never ever though to leave the job because I made  good money even though I have to work 12 hrs stuck in the dark place all day, can’t go any where during the day, dramatic people, bad clients [sometime], no any benefit, employer don’t really care about employee, they let you work 7-8 hrs continually , no training, no bonus, only good thing is I can make good money. Since I joined the class at VCC I heard many experience stories about working as a massage therapist in difference places from instructors and classmates that made me learn some new stuffs. Karine is the school’s director, she always teach me and introduce me to work at the higher level professions spa, she helps and support me all the time even after graduated. So now here I am, I am so happy to work at Burk William, good people, good clients, good environment, good benefit, good company, Thank you so much Karine ^^ Moreover I only work 6 hrs/shift I have the rest of the day to enjoy my things like working out, bike ride on the beach, watch movie, cook my food, and spend more time with my family, while I make little less money that my old job but my life is a lot more happier.Thank you so much for making my life better
Kimberly: If you need your massage therapy license as soon as possible and you want to get the most for your money then Victory Career College is your answer! They have enrollment options from 250-500 hours finishing in just 3 months, but if you want to study part time there is also flexibility for a 6 month track as well as other options. The headmaster Karine Fougoux is willing to work with anybody and she is very accommodating and will help you reach your goal to become a professional in no time!Had a very good experience, the school is quite diverse being in the middle of Thai and Korea town and unique and the teachers truly care about the students and work with them at a very personal level.Great education. Great people.Thanks to Victory Career College I am now a happy and successful CMT, their job placement is 100% so no need to worry!
Jerry: What can be said about  VCC in a few words and I would say VCC is an outstanding massage college the best of the best the teachers are awesome really passionate about their craft nothing short of perfection I attended from February 27 thru July the 5th and I had so much fun sharing positive energy with all the students getting a massage everyday is the max the Thai students are so competitive and intuitive about their style of massage I was really impressed that some just were natural at it and I would like to give many many thanks to Randy for being so firm with all of us kept us on our toes one day he said something that  really shook me from  head to toe he said come on people you are  Massage Therapist that made me feel so proud inside and Dr. Sheetal another super teacher giving us a lot of light with eastern culture teaching from India she was great and Birdy another Master of his craft humble and very warm kind person also Amy thank for teaching us energy work you are a great human being thank you f poo r sharing your wisdom and I just met Cheryl another star very nice teacher with so much experience to share and Coco another great teacher thank you for your contribution to VCC and Merreck in sports massage an expert dedicated  with a lot of passion and last I have a lot to grateful to an awesome person whom has put in so much energy love and dedication the director  Mrs. Karine Fougoux you are the best I have great respect for you as a leader you are a five star in my book thank you so much and I wish you all the success in the world in all your endeavors and god bless you…