Karine Fougoux College Director

Dear Student, Welcome to Victory Career College, a fully accredited college, and thank you for selecting us to assist you in obtaining your desired training. Our goal is to provide you with every opportunity for a successful future in the massage, spa, and salon and/or beauty industry. At Victory Career College, we offer training in Massage Therapy, Cosmetology, Barbering, Skin Care (Esthetics) and Manicuring. We place emphasis on how to be successful in the marketplace and how to create the lifestyle that you desire. This means hard work, dedication, and practice on your part. My goal is to help students discover their abilities and to transform their lives through these discoveries. More importantly, your future success will depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire course of study. Victory Career College (VCC) welcomes all persons interested in a massage or beauty career. We are happy to have you visit the school at any time. Come in and see our educational facilities, the teaching staff and consider the many advantages for the serious student. We will be pleased to answer all of your questions.   With peace and respect, Ms. Karine Fougoux (Director)



Meeting of Advisory Professionals

 Ms.Stacey              Stacey Medina (English/Spanish speaker) Administrative staff at victory career college Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any of these documents. 310.808.9194 Our lovely staff is eager to help you and guide you towards the best career possible. We are committed to serve our community and to offer excellent education through field trips, professional visits from recruiters and having regular Advisory Board meetings on campus to stay updated with trends and demands. Your future awaits you at Victory. Cosmetology, Barbering, and Massage Therapy details programs are in the catalog. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!
     karla   Our registrar, Karla Fuller  has been with Victory Career College for over three years. She has a BA in Psychology and is bilingual in English and German. Karla is an Administrative staff at Victory Career College




Karine Fougoux – CMT has worked in the industry since 1997. She is the founder/ owner of Victory Career College. Her passion is to look at the body with the intention for repair and to bring it to is optimum state of well being. She loves to see her students grow and become successful professionals.






yuliaYulia Chekan – CMT substitute Yulia is a staff at victory career college  and she has worked at Victory Career College for over a year and certified several students, and shared her passion of bodywork, and skin care with her class. She is a phenomenal therapist and will teach you with her soft manners and motivated spirit all the rules and tips you may need to be successful. She is also a Yoga and Pilate instructor and works at Massage Envy when she is not teaching.




Hot Stone Therapy

Kendon TurnerCMT. Kendon is a substitute staff at victory career college. I am a fully qualified Massage Therapist registered with the American Massage Council and the state of California, and my credentials also include current NASM Personal Training and Pilates Certifications. Since graduating from Miller-Motte College in 2007, I have worked with gyms in a fitness atmosphere and coordinated several upscale spas in the Los Angeles area. I also hold current first aid and CPR certificates as well as public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Massage Therapy Instructor

My education has included various techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, and shiatsu. I am also quite adept at assessing and charting postural deviations and instructing corrective exercises or stretches on an individual basis. My goal is to help each client better understand their own body and aid them in recovering peak performance once again.
I know from first-hand experience how therapeutic combining massage, resistance training, and Pilates can be and I find it deeply rewarding to be able to offer these services to my clients. I am an excellent communicator, an empathetic listener, and I uphold the highest standards of professionalism at all times. My clients have been a diverse group covering a broad range of ages and including women seeking prenatal therapy.

 This page is often in progress… feel free to open the catalog to see our staff and faculty updated list. Thank you.

Deneen Lee Jones  is our Cosmetologist Instructor.

She works in the salon and has a profound knowledge of in both men’s and women’s cuts, color and styling. Ms. Deneen is one of our staff at victory career college. She is passionate about education, and is well known for her professionalism and care for our students. She loves to educate a student to not only pass the board but to have a real love and aptitude in all one commits to do..

deneendeneen class

jc dur jc with jorge

Mr. Juan Carlos Duran  is our Barbering Instructor

Hello, my name is Mr. JC,  I have been licenses as a barber for 10 years. I have performed barber services in San Francisco at the Fellow Barber and taught classes at the Aveda Institute; I instructed class and the art of shaving at Marinello, and my newest goals at Victory Career College is to share my knowledge with my new students as well as motivate them to be the best barber they can be. I instruct students who will apply for the State Board and I teach advanced techniques as well to my senior such as students clipper cutting, shear cutting as well as razor shaving. I worked 10 years in this industry ( ie. Alberto in Hawthorne, Henry’s barber shop and the Art of Shaving in San Francisco) and I can help my student develop  strong professional ethics.

Linda Lamb Cosmetologist

Linda Lamb, is our substitute staff at victory career college, she is  licensed cosmetologist and she has worked for 35 yrs and have been an eductor for 25yrs, teaching in the field of cosmetology and skin care technician in both English and Spanish. She has experience of international beauty shows competitions. She worked as a consultant for  Helga Van Dyke Skin Care and loves all aspect of the beauty industry. Her goal is to continue to teach , and help future and current students at VCC become successful estheticians, cosmetologists, and manicurists.