first client

Basic Manicure (hand,polish) $8
Basic Pedicure (feet, polish) $10
Mani/Pedi $16 *with hot towel & massage $20
Full Set (tips+ acrylic, acrylic over natural nails) $15
Fill (maintenance for acrylic) $10
Gel polish Add-On $8
Gel polish removal $3
Nail Art (per nail) $3+
Nail Removal (acrylic or gel) $8
Nail Repair (2 nails max!) $3 each
Paraffin Wax (available for hands only) $8
Deluxe Manicure (basic manicure + 10 minute hand massage, ended with a hot towel) $12
Deluxe Pedicure (basic pedicure + 10 minute foot massage, ended with a hot towel) $14


Basic Facial (cleanse, tone, massage,
moisturize) $20
Spa Facial (cleanse,tone,exfoliate,
massage,mask,mousturize) $30
Acne Treatment LED (includes Benzoyl Peroxide for oil control) $25
Make Up $10
Lashes $5 (strip) $6 (individual)
Wax Leg $15
Wax Arm $10
Wax Eyebrows (wax or tweeze) $5 & Lip $5


barber 3

Haircuts (women, men, & children) $7 and up
Clipper Haircut $6
Bang Trim $3
Men’s cut w/ close shave $9 *with steamer $11
Shave $6 added service $1
Shampoo, Blow dry, + (straighten or curl) $17
Deep Condition $3
Hair Color (includes blow
dry +styling) $25 +$10 long hair
Retouch Hair Color $22
Highlights $25+
Bleaching (Whole Head) $30
Retouch Bleach $20
Add $10 to long hair color services


Your choice of 50 MINUTES in one of the following:
Hot Stone
Swedish + Hot Towels
Deep Tissue
Chair Massage

**Not all services are available at all times, please call in for availability

Come back for more advance treatments soon…More treatments get added as the weeks of training go by….


Skin is our body’s largest organ – and while it is one of the first things that people notice when they meet us, it can be hard to keep in perfect condition. The sun’s damaging rays, combined with pollution and the effects of our daily environments leave us needing to give some extra TLC to one of our most forward-facing features. Love your skin with one of our skin services.

Our lip wax service removes any unwanted hair, no matter how fine or lightly colored, from your lip area to remove any shadows or embarrassing fuzz.

Facials are one of the most relaxing and important skin care regimens to keep up with. We offer two types of facials – our Basic facial will cleanse deep into your pores, even out skin tone, and moisturize to ensure healthy, glowing, even skin. Our Spa facial elevates your experience by exfoliating to brighten your skin, shrink pores, and remove contaminants from the surface. The mask step will infuse vitamins and nutrients into your skin, spurring healthy cell production.

red ped


Our manicures with Hot Towels- include not only an expert polish, but a hand and arm massage ended with hot towels across our entire manicure menu. Our manicures enhance the experience with a massage taught by massage therapists. Ask for Light, Deep or Medium pressure! $12 (Gel $18)

Take your nails to the next level with add-ons and enhanced services, such as acrylic nails to strengthen you natural nails, nail art, or gel polishes. If you need anything else done with talk to the supervisor to see if we can accommodate you.

Student Massage Clinic OPEN 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday-Wednesday- Friday ( last massage is at 3 PM)


Description of Services

VC College students participating in the student massage clinic have completed 160 hours minimum. This is still a learning process and constructive feedback throughout the massage is appreciated. A few minutes of your time will be required to fill out a student evaluation form after your session.

Prices of Services: $25 for 50 minutes in a private spa setting (with clinic supervisor on site)




OUR MOST POPULAR 50 MINUTES SWEDISH $25 WITH HOT TOWELS : Swedish or traditional massage is a combination of various movements and strokes on the body. Swedish strokes vary in depth and rhythm according to the results sought, including stimulation, relaxation and rehabilitation. They also take into account such factors as age, health status, strength and certain conditions. It is popular in health spas and sports clubs. Persons suffering from stress, decreased circulation and muscle fatigue often find relief from this modality. The humid heat of the hot towel relaxes the body, and clean pores from the oil or lotion.

Therapeutic massage $25: Therapeutic massage includes deep tissue, neuromuscular, and various techniques. It intervenes in the cycle developed by trauma and/or injury, soft tissue dysfunction and lack of movement often accompanied by pain. Therapeutic massage is often used in chiropractic offices and medical massage clinics.

Integrated massage or Hot Stones massage$25: Thai massage and deep tissue or Swedish combo. This approach uses a variety of the above methods. The student will also blend the styles he or she knows and then design the massage for the individual client.VCC offers many different massage modalities in the student’s training. The student may incorporate one or more of these methods into the client’s individual massage session

If you have an interest in becoming a Victory Career College Student:

In massage therapy school you will learn about the different types of massages. In so doing, you will gain hands on experience learning the techniques. Massage therapy schools will typically require students to ascertain nearly all of the following basic massage techniques.


The most common in the West, Swedish massage was developed by a Swedish doctor in the 1700s. It includes various techniques directed at relaxing muscles through pressure applied to muscles, and pressure applied with the flow of blood to the heart. A Swedish massage can be slow or strong depending upon the personal style of the therapist and respective needs of the patient. A therapist will give various massage strokes to release muscle tension and to break up knots and other adhered tissues. The Swedish system is based upon Western anatomy and physiology, versus Eastern systems of massage based upon meridians and energy lines.

Deep Tissue

A standard in massage therapy school and another form of Swedish, deep tissue massage breaks up chronic muscle tension, injury, or adhesions. Adhesions are bands of rigid tissue in muscles, which block circulation and limit movement. Deep tissue massage targets contracted or knotted muscle areas commonly found in necks, shoulders, and backs. A therapist applies deep targeted pressure to areas of pain. For the therapist, deep tissue massage can be the most physically tiring technique to give. Strong hands and arms will be required to massage deeply into a patient?s muscles and tense problem areas.


Shiatsu massage combines some Western techniques with Eastern medical and spiritual philosophy, and is often referred to as Zen shiatsu. Traditionally, this massage would focus on the Eastern principle of ?chi,? or energy flowing through a body?s meridian channels. Shiatsu therapists will typically manipulate pressure points, rotate and stretch joints, and have the patient breathe deeply. In Japanese, the term shiatsu translates to ?finger pressure,? while therapists will apply pressure across the entire body in order to unblock it, and to help a patient?s body heal itself.


Sports massage works specifically on athletes, no matter their sport. Therapists work on healing sports injuries to muscles and tendons, emphasizing prevention of injuries, and helping athletes prepare before and after a big event. There are four types of situations where a sports massage might be given. First, a stimulating massage may be given as a pre-event sport activity in order to warm up the athlete. Second, a therapist may give a post-event massage to normalize tissues and muscles in the body. Third, a therapist will give restorative massages to athletes during periods of difficult training. Fourth, a sports therapist will give rehabilitative massages to athletes in order to soothe the ache and to heal the muscle pain from injuries. Sports massage can also include maintenance techniques performed in order to reduce likelihood of injury and lessen recovery time. Sports massage can be considered as being associated with Swedish massage, as they both stimulate blood and fluid circulation.

Different types of massages given will vary drastically depending upon the needs and intentions of each individual patient. At massage therapy school, students will learn how to master nearly all four of the basic massage techniques, and can then acquire numerous other massage specialties as well. A student can be well on their way to becoming a healer once he or she has mastered the basic massage techniques.